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Level 2 training
Finnish language Level 2 - practitioner certification training - is beginning in January 2019. The training certifies attendees to practice vibroacoustic therapy, giving both theoretical and practical guidance on how to safely and therapeutically deliver low frequency sound vibration combined with music listening. The training comprises lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, and recommended reading and assignments with practical internships between contact teaching hours.

Level II - Vibrac-hoitaja - koulutus alkaa tammikuussa 2019. Opinnoissa perehdytään matalataajuisen äänivärähtelyhoidon teoreettisiin ja kliinisiin kysymyksiin. Koulutuksen avulla voit kehittää erityisasiantuntemustasi sekä lisätä valmiuksiasi käyttää vibroakustista terapiaa/fysioakustista menetelmää työssäsi erilaisten kohderyhmien kanssa.

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Registration is done by 21st December 2018 by sending an email to either Jouni Kettunen ( or Marko Punkanen ( / Ilmoittautuminen: 21.12.2018 mennessä Jouni Kettuselle: tai Marko Punkaselle:

Level I Webinar
Level I training will soon be available as a webinar that can be completed online! Make sure to follow the updates here or on Facebook for the release date.

Recent Activities

The VIBRAC pre-symposium to IAMM2018 took place on June 7th, 2018, at the World Trade Centre in Barcelona, Spain, with speakers Amy Clements-Cortes, Marko Punkanen, Esa Ala-Ruona, Joanne Loewy, and Elsa Campbell. The day was a great success, with interesting topics and great discussions and insights from participants.

Publications: A special issue on Vibrooacoustic Therapy has been published in the journal Music and Medicine
The interdisciplinary journal "Music and Medicine" has published the special issue entitled "Multidisciplinary Applications of Vibroacoustics: From Clinical Practice and Research to Future Directions", with two of our executive board members as guest editors: Dr. Esa Ala-Ruona and Dr. Marko Punkanen.

This issue features articles based on research which has been presented at the 1st International VIBRAC Conference in Lahti, Finland in October 2016, with articles from our keynote speakers Heidi Ahonen, Lee Bartel, and Esa Ala-Ruona. Other authors have written on topics such as vibroacoustic therapy for developmental trauma, for spinal cord injuries, and for possible applications for the dual-sensory impaired.

Esa and Marko - in both this research-related focus, but also in VIBRAC trainings - have been working hard to promote the development, cooperation, and collaboration between vibroacoustic researchers and practitioners and look forward to great things to come in the field! Their guest editorial outlines the great work that has been done in practice and research areas, as well as outlining the future directions. Olav Skillegives a commentary on the beginnings of vibroacoustics and how this developed over time from years of hard work, collaboration, and inquisitive thinking. How wonderful to have the wisdom of the original conceptual development intertwined with the contemporary curiosity and drive for knowledge that is carefully fostered and honed by the VIBRAC executive group - Esa, Marko, and Jouni Kettunen - and others in the centre who contribute their own knowledge and skill set. Exciting times lay ahead!

To read the abstracts/articles in Music and Medicine, please follow the link:

We at the VIBRAC Centre are so proud of the fabulous papers - both clinical reports and full-length papers - presented here. We wish you an inspiring perusal of these wonderful contributions!

We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to all involved in making this special issue possible; Co-Editors-in-Chief Joanne LoewyDA, LCAT, MT-BC, Assoc. Prof., and Dr. Med. Ralph Spintge, Managing Editor Amy Clements-Cortes, PhD, RP, MTA, MT-BC, FAMI, and Production Editor Erik Baumann, MMT. It has been a wonderful experience and a landmark development for VIBRAC and all those involved.


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Organisation The Eino Roiha Foundation in Jyväskylä, Finland, manages the administration of the VIBRAC centre. Additionally, the executive board, core group, advisory board, and scientific committee are involved in the promotion and development of VAT as a growing discipline. See About Us for more information.

This website offers information on the who the coordinators of the centre are and the activities undertaken by the centre's trainers, background, research and training information on the applications of VAT, and upcoming activities, trainings and events.

Training and Research Information
For information on the possibilities of VAT applications and training levels, see Activity.

If you are interested in the training possibilities in VAT, please send a message to: See the Activity tab for more information on the three training levels offered by the VIBRAC Centre and for more information on the upcoming Level I training event taking place on 13.10.2016 at Wanha Walimo, Lahti, Finland.

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