1st International VIBRAC Conference

This year marked a momentous time in the development of the vibroacoustic therapy practice and research. The 1st International VIBRAC Conference took place on the 14th and 15th of October 2016 in Lahti, Finland, at Wanha Walimo. Delegates from 16 different countries across the globe took part in this event, marking four years since the centre's foundation. The event was a huge success, with four wonderful keynote presentations ranging from the use of vibroacoustics within specialised healthcare to low frequency sound vibration as brain stimulation.

The delegates also enjoyed oral presentations from researchers and clinicians alike as well as workshops on vibroacoustics for developing body awareness and for use with children in music therapy practice.

The event was an excellent way for reconnecting with colleagues and meeting new ones in addition to hearing about larger research projects taking place in Canada, for example those conducted by Dr. Lee Bartel.

In addition to this, a satellite event to the conference was held on October 13th at the same venue. This was also a multicultural event with 9 different nationalities in a small group of 13 participants. It was an opportunity to hear more about the foundations of vibroacoustics, even including an impromptu visit from Olav Skille. With more knowledge on the theoretical foundations of the method, these participants were able to get a deeper understanding of the field before continuing to gain more practical and theoretical knowledge from the formal and informal talks at the conference.

The closing session - consisting of a roundtable session from the four keynotes and the executive, core group, and advisory board members - shed some light on what was learned during the fully packed two day conference, as well as discussing the future directions of research and practice in vibroacoustic therapy.

The centre wishes to thanks all conference delegates for their active participation in the event and we look forward to hearing more about your practical use of low frequency sound vibration in various settings. We aim to be a focal point through which vibroacoustic therapy practitioners can work together towards spreading knowledge on this receptive therapy.

The next event being organised by the VIBRAC Centre is the 1st International Level II Training - practitioner training - which will take place from November 18th-20th in Tallinn, Estonia. The training takes place over three weekends and gives participants theoretical and practical knowledge on how to safely apply vibroacoustic therapy.