Seventeen new VIBRAC-practitioners from VIBRAC Centre


Seventeen new VIBRAC-practitioners graduated on 6th of June.

This Level 2 training took place from January to June.

During the final training module students presented their case studies related to VAT with different client groups and symptoms, like insomnia, spasticity, fibromyalgia and pain.

Congrats for new VIBRAC-practitioners!

Introducing Dr. Lee Bartel from our advisory board

Dr. Lee Bartel

Dr. Lee Bartel is Professor of Music and Associate Dean - Research at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto and Acting Director of the Music and Health Research Collaboratory. He teaches at the graduate level in Research Methods, Music and the Brain, Evaluation, and Social Psychology of Music. He has extensive early experience as a music teacher at the elementary and high school levels and as a performing choral conductor, singer, violinist, and guitarist.

PhD Joanne Loewy for the VIBRAC's Scientific Committee

Dr. Joanne Loewy

Dr. Joanne Loewy is the Director of the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine and is an Associate Clinical Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her work in hospitals and clinics ranges from premature birth through end of life and her clinical areas of expertise vary among many populations, including musicians (performers, music therapists, educators) and their unique ailments such as chronic fatigue, chemical dependency, performance anxiety and overuse. She oversees the Louis Armstrong Department of Music Therapy that she built at Beth Israel in 1994.

PhD Teppo Särkämö for the VIBRAC's Scientific Committee

Teppo Särkämö for VIBRAC*s Scientific Committee

Dr. Teppo Särkämö, PhD, is Psychologist and Researcher working at the Cognitive Brain Research Unit (Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki) and Finnish Centre of Interdisciplinary Music Research (Universities of Helsinki and Jyväskylä). His work focuses on the neural mechanisms of music and speech perception (and their disorders, namely amusia and aphasia), neuroplasticity of auditory and cognitive functions, and the use of music-based interventions in various neurological illnesses (e.g., stroke, traumatic brain injury, and dementia).

PhD Ana Katusic for the VIBRAC's Advisory Board

Ana Katusic

Ana Katusic received her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Education and Rehabilitation Sciences and her PhD in Neuroscience at Croatian Institute for Brain Research from University of Zagreb. Currently she works in Day-care Centre for Rehabilitation, where she works with neurologically challenged young infants and children. Her special interest is on vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) and neurologic music therapy (NMT) in sensorimotor rehabilitation and visual attention. She is intensively involved in studying the effects of VAT on motor performance and oculomotor control.

Olav Skille, Esa Ala-Ruona and Marko Punkanen deliver a Presentation In Helsinki

The Finnish Society for Music Therapy had it’s 40th Anniversary seminar in Helsinki from the 18th to the 20th of October 2013.

On Friday 18th of October Mr Olav Skille, Dr. Esa Ala-Ruona and Dr. Marko Punkanen from the VIBRAC Centre gave a presentation on the history, current state and future plans of Vibroacoustic Therapy.

Fourteen new Finnish VIBRAC-practitioners received their certification in June


A group of 14 multi-professional students received their certification as VIBRAC-practitioners in June when they finished their Level II training in Vibroacoustic Therapy. During the final training days students presented their case studies with different client groups, including work with, pain, anxiety, stress, cerebral infarct, PTSD, anorexia and developmental trauma.

Dr. Marko Punkanen gives a demonstration on how to use the MULTIVIB mattress and Single Hand equipment for developing client's body awareness


During the Introduction training Dr. Marko Punkanen lectured on the possibilities for developing and increasing a client's body awareness by using Vibroacoustic therapy.

He also demonstrated this approach with one participant by using 40 Hz low frequency sound through the MULTIVIB mattress on the client's whole body while simultaneously using Single Hand equipment to give the client a stronger feeling of body boundaries.

Dr. Esa Ala-Ruona and Dr. Marko Punkanen give a Level I training in Riga


Dr. Esa Ala-Ruona and Dr. Marko Punkanen from the VIBRAC Centre gave a Level I training: Introduction to Vibroaocustic Therapy, 26.-27.4 in Riga.

Twenty participants from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia participated for this two day Introduction training about Vibroacoustic therapy.

We want to thank Dzintra Zarina and Mirdza Paipere for their great effort and work to bring about this first training in Latvia.